Tanglewood Orchestra

Launched in 2008, Tanglewood Orchestra (formerly known as Littlewood Players) is the prime ensemble of Tanglewood Music School.

Tanglewood Orchestra consists of a group of young talented musicians, managed by Tanglewood Music School, who spread the beauty of music through regular performances. The orchestra perform for concerts, music competitions, charity events and even international music festivals!

If you or your child has the passion and gift to touch lives with music, then come join us! Call 6733 1730 or email admin@tanglewoodmusicschool.com.




  • Each term consists of 8 orchestra sessions and 3 sectional sessions.
  • Rehearsal schedule: TBA
  • Tanglewood Orchestra is sceduled for at least one LIVE performance per term.
  • Each term is 3 months.


Tanglewood Orchestra is under the mentorship of Prof. Ivan Peef, senior violin associate, Ms Patricia Krug, cello associate, and Ms Veronika Sakhno, violin / viola associate.